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R1200R - installing GS handguards

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Parts not included in kit..

Bolt (M8x45mm), 1.25" washer, 0.875" washer (2 needed per side.)

These are the parts you'll need that BMW didn't include with the GS Handguard kit. I actually found some stainless washers in the 0.875" (7/8") size and used those (not shown in these photos.) I also painted the 1.25" washer black since it appears to be simply plated steel. ID on all the washers is 0.375 (3/8") which is a common size. The larger washer is called a "fender washer" - that type was used to fasten fenders on cars.

The centering washer in place..

The purpose of the centering washer should be pretty obvious. It keeps the handguard centered on the end of the bar-end weight.

The handguards in place

Closeup of the handguard.

You can see the bracket coming off the mirror mount for the inside end of the guard. This bracket comes with the kit.

Rear view of the handguard.

You can probably see the washer sandwich on the mounting bolt if you look closely. The sandwich is - from outside in: bolt, 7/8" washer, 1.25" washer, 7/8" washer (used for centering.)

Rear view of the handguard


You can probably see the washer sandwich clearly here.

The PN for the handguards from BMW is: 71607697149 - the kit contains the needed brackets and screws, and some extra parts that are unneeded for this application (the special GS bar-end weight and the GS specific retaining washers.) Cost was around $100 for the kit in 05/07.

A diagram can be seen here


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