Don Eilenberger's

GS Handguards

With the coming of cold weather - I found the heated grips weren't too useful at speeds above about 45MPH. Some browsing of my favorite RS forum gave me the hint that the handguards used on the R1150GS would work on the RS. Not an exact fit, but good enough for winter use.

As can be seen - the inner fastening doesn't quite match up with the RS bar supports, but some creative use of tie-wraps hold it on securely..  and it seems to work.

There are a few downsides to these:

  • The left one hits the switch for my driving lights when the bars are turned fully right
  • Both of them tap the instrument cluster when bars are fully left or right
  • The left one blocks my access to my HeatTroller control on the left dash panel a bit - I can still adjust it, but basically with one finger

All in all - I prefer the ones I had on the K75S - but there aren't any like that available for the R1150RS, so one makes do with what one can.


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