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This is my home page. It's some stuff I've done and stuff I've learned. And some things I should have learned. If you're interested in any of it - click on the links above..
It's mostly about motorcycles, with a bit on some car's I've owned, and some universal "Laws" I've observed. I'm a rather active gear-head, with a passion for motorcycles, fast cars and fast women. Out of the three - the first two I've had some success with. I'm also active on a number of BMW car and motorcycle websites, as a member and moderator/administrator. I run a Yahoo "Group" dedicated to the BMW E39 (5-series) cars. And I'm a BMW-MOA "Ambassador".
There used to be some rather extensive motorcycle trip reports here, but the web host I was using managed to destroy them, and I haven't bothered recreating them. Might get to it some cold winter day - or not. Mostly about trips to West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Canada and places like that.
Good stuff? Dunno - up to you to decide. You can always email me..
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