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Freedom Air

Having a sore butt takes the enjoyment out of any sort of all day riding. My butt has arthritis problems that cause me a lot of pain on extended rides. I've tried custom seats, beads, sheepskins, gel-pads and voodoo incantations.

None of these worked.

I had heard good things about air-cushion support, and have actually been using it for years on my computer chair at home (Thermorest canoe seat pad) with great success.

I'd seen reviews for the AirHawk product line - which generally were positive. At the Black Diamond Beemers rally there was an AirHawk cushion for sale for a reasonable price, so I grabbed it.

It solved the sore butt problem wonderfully - but with the shape of the RS seat - it caused a new problem.. scrunched private parts.

A bit of time in Google turned up an alternative - the FreedomAir cushion.. which apparently was designed by someone who rode. It is shaped so the forward edge has a relief area for the genital region.

Great help for sore butt - I can now ride pretty much all day without any butt pain.


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