Don Eilenberger's

 Front View Rear View

So - what is it? This is the "LaminarLIP" - sometimes referred to as the "LIP"

It is designed to provide a smooth airflow behind a fairing shield - especially one that is much lower than the riders head.

Does it work? Sure seems to. Noise is greatly reduced, buffeting is eliminated.. gone.. stability at speed seems enhanced - I ran it up to a GPS indicated 80MPH, and the bike feels VERY stable, despite some fairly strong wind gusts.

This is the prototype one for a K75S - and right now, I can't think of anything I'd want them to change.

Fit and finish is great, edges nicely finished, shaping is perfect. It attaches using hook/hook 3M fastener buttons - so it is removable if I want to put the bike in a show for some reason.. 

Where do you find one?  Laminar Website  - if you visit their website - these photos might look familiar :-) Or you can call them at 714-540-8006

VERY nice people to deal with.. say HI to Andy if you contact them.